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    If I treated you the way you treated me, how long would you tolerate me? How long would it be? How long until you grew tired of it all? How long until you grew tired of me?

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    "You may not agree with a woman, but to criticize her appearance — as opposed to her ideas or actions — isn’t doing anyone any favors, least of all you. Insulting a woman’s looks when they have nothing to do with the issue at hand implies a lack of comprehension on your part, an inability to engage in high-level thinking. You may think she’s ugly, but everyone else thinks you’re an idiot."

    Hillary Clinton

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    instead of making jokes or rude comments about someone’s weight you can

    • not do that

    Hypocrisy at its finest.

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    You know you’re getting older when you work on your bday and you don’t even care. You’re just happy that you’re getting hours and getting money. How sad that my life centers around money. I never thought in a million years that I was going to be that person, yet here I am. It’s not that I’m greedy or selfish, it’s actually quite the opposite. I just want to be financially stable enough that I can live comfortably. Is that a horrible thing to want? Security?

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    We both have a day off together. Let the shenanigans ensue!

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    That is my biggest concern when thinking about forever.

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    3 AM

    I can’t fall asleep. And as I lay here with you beside me All I can think of is our future.

    I know there are so many steps that we both need to take, So many obstacles and trails to overcome. I worry about them from time to time whenever I fuss about the near future. How overwhelming it all is to get our act together and grow up when the path is so unclear.

    But then I imagine the end goal - the end result, where we’re responsible, successful adults. Where we’re settled down and building a family and a home together… and I feel much better.

    The distant future is crystal clear. I know we will achieve this. I know we will be alright. I know we will be happy.

    And really, that’s all I need to know.

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    I’m fairly simple, I think. The easiest way to make me feel better or to make me happy is just to give me attention. Undivided attention. It’s as easy as that. Regardless of the cause of my troubles, I’m positive that paying attention to me will uplift my mood. Even when I pretend I don’t like it… Which is particularly true when I’m mad or sad because it’s silly to be distressed one second and then giggly the next, isn’t it? So, next time you see I’m feeling down, take a second from what you’re doing to just be with me and talk to me. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

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